Advertising campaign for artisan bread bakery by London food photographer
Sourdough and Rye Breads food photography
food advertising campaign shot by Holly Pickering, London commercial photographer
Advertising photography for artisan bakery
artisan bread campaign for Paul Rhodes Bakery, advertising photography
Sourdough Artisan Bread - food photography
Sliced Sourdough Bread by Food Photographer Holly Pickering
Man's hands sifting grain - food photography
Breaking Bread - Shot by Advertising Photographer Holly Pickering
Sliced Rye Bread - food photography
Artisan Loaf of bread - Food Photography by Holly Pickering
dark rye bread artisan loaf by food photographer Holly Pickering
artisan olive bread - food photography
nocella olives - studio food photography
range of artisan breads - food photography
Focaccia breads with fennel and red onion - food photography
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